Out of the mouths of babes. 🙈

Jovan is our second son. He is four years old.

He is the seventh Jovan in our family. 🙂

Genetics is absolutely amazing and fascinating.

Jovan got his name after his grandfather, my dad, who is an unstoppable force, VERY spirited, funny, loving, generous and VERY stubborn. Some say that I am very much like my father. My husband would say, definitely! 😉

Jovan is truly my child. Not Rhys’s. Rhys was a good boy. He was a nice, well behaved child. I, however, was a wild child.

I don’t drive, you see, so I walk almost everywhere and I use buses a lot.

We were on the bus just the other day and a lovely family with a baby, joined us on the bus.
The lady wore a niqab. She had the most beautiful eyes. Jovan got intrigued. He lent forward and asked the lady:

“Excuse me. Are you a ninja?”


I wanted to die of embarrassment!!!

Luckily the lady had a great sense of humour. She looked to her left, then to her right, she slowly lent towards him and said:

“I am actually. I’m a secret ninja. But you must not tell anyone.”

She was so, so lovely. And gorgeous. We all had such a laugh.

Jovan’s face was a picture! A tiny silent  “wow” left his mouth. His eyes didn’t leave her until she got off the bus.

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