Mental Illness Is Real

Mental Illness Is Real.
Depression, PTSD, PND, ADD, ADHD…there are many medically diagnosed forms of mental illness.

Some say that people who commit suicides are cowards and selfish.

Who are we to judge? We don’t know what goes on in people’s minds.

But simply, they are not weak, cowards or selfish. They are just very, very poorly. We can’t even imagine the pain and suffering of a suicidal person. They desperately need all help available that there is.

It affects me deeply, that there is still this stigma attached to mental health.

We live in 2017! We have UNLIMITED information on mental health, but the mental illness stigma is still very much present.  Some people still say that it is not a real illness.

Who are we to undermine mental health experts, doctors?! These people have spent many, many years of their adult lives studying medicine and human mind, human mental health. They are experts. They acknowledge it. They accept it as a REAL illness.

Mental health IS real. It EXISTS.
We cannot EVER imagine the pain and struggles of people who take their own lives. Whether this is because they are addicts or not. They are/were suffering immensely.

People become addicts because of a mental illness. Because of trauma. There is sooooo much that can be done. There is so much being done already.
We need to take trauma seriously. We need to treat it early.

If you suspect a relative or a friend is suffering from depression or from trauma, please do something to help them. Try hard to give them some extra strength to seek help. There is so much help available out there. And, if you live in the UK, it is free. It’s on our amazing NHS. I am not sure how it works in other countries, but there must be a way.

If you are suffering, please don’t suffer in silence. It is good to talk. Please, if you are feeling unwell, please talk to someone.

If you feel that you can’t talk yet, please try and write it down and then do what ever you wish to do with it, whether you keep it or burn it or post it away…what ever works. But please don’t suffer in silence.

If you are not comfortable with people knowing that you are seeking help, nobody has to know. Nobody but you and your therapist.

Seeking help is a sign of strength. Take ownership of it. Show your strength.

It is good to talk. Please try. Please.


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